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We are full stack software engineering team from Serbia, with accumulated experience over 20 years of developing software. We have specialized knowledge about Finance, Banking and Logistics domains, we were developing and product managing GAMP level software for pharmaceutical industry, we have experts for infrastructure and DevOps roles with strong knowledge about performance optimization of database and application services on premise as well on cloud.
Our mission is to nurture full stack engineering team with strength for delivering efficient and modern solutions by constant education about well established industry practices like reactive programming, clean code and architecture, and good designing practices. Efficient solutions are very important today as global challenges demand reducing our footprint where efficient software implementation and architecture can have impact in reducing energy usage, paper usage, storage demands and infrastructure demands. We see that by constant learning and education of our team to be better software architects and developers we are setting our place in global support action group.
We prepared this site with some dynamic content using React.js + Next.js, Vue.js and some Spring boot backend for demo purposes. You can review our games design and implementation, or you can play.

Technologies we use are carefully selected from mostly applied technologies and most efficient platforms. We gained experience with many technologies during our career that are not all listed on this site, nevertheless we are always focused to make best solution for customer following engineering practices and customer requirements for infrastructure and platform. Our team leads and software architects have more than 20 years of experience mostly in banking and logistics domains, with strong knowledge about software development practices. In recent years we focused to microservices architecture as we think it is right way to meet our mission goals. Our younger team members are software engineers with medior experience. Also we regularly hire beginners after they finish their studies so we can put them thru our 6 months intensive education about software engineering with hands-on approach by doing full software project from analysis and design, implementation, testing and documenting to delivery.

Infrastructure is very important aspect in software engineering starting from development, testing and staging environments to production environment. Here we care about security starting from first designs, to protected APIs, data and intellectual property, by following polices like using encryption on our development machines e.g. bitlocker, user accounts limited access rights, to on premise or cloud servers and services where we plan which data will be available, how services will operate in development mode like fencing outgoing services e.g. email server. We plan for adequate resources for designed architecture e.g. kubernetes cluster for microservices oriented solution.
We provided infrastructure for this site using Kubernetes high availability cluster deployed on Raspberry Pi devices for demo purposes. You can read more about architecture and visit git repositories.

Technologies We Use

We are ready to work on projects using following technologies. Of course we have experiences with other technologies too and we can work with them.

Demo projects


We prepared these demo games, one is code guess game, based on bulls and cows game, developed in React.js with Redux. Second is mine sweeper game, developed in Vue.js with Vuex and Vuetify. They use Java Springboot with MongoDB backend service for managing scores.

Both games provide basic instruction steps to make player experience easier learning how to play. Applications are optimized for desktop and mobile screens. Player can enter its username for saving scores. Saved username is valid for all games. Games will preserve scores and will show scoreboard.

You can review demo projects source code organized into three git repositories for front end projects and back end project. GIT links are available in the footer.

Contact Us

Email: office@programerika.com

LinkedIn: Programerika

Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 109-II, Belgrade, Serbia